Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gavin Ham ~Sims3

Here is the first Sim I will share with you all!

Gavin Ham

He is clumsy, lucky, supernatural fan, night owl & hopeless lover. He loves hamburguers and color green.
He waste his time chasing and discovering Supernaturals. He also works as detective. He have a  censored relationship in my game with an alien Lia.

As I said he spend his nights searching for supernaturals. He is sure more supernatural beings are outside, of that he is sure, that's how he found his new girlfriend. 

Also he is a Hunk with a killer body. So he will put your girls or supernaturals on edge.

 Here is Gavin with his alien lover, Lia! He just dreams to marry her & have a normal life. 

He is ready to start the search in your game!

CC List

ND_Skin – Joedy
Hair- EAxis Supernatural EP
Eyes - soon
Clothes – Jocker Sims
Shoes - Soon 
Freckles Face –  Vasilla
Freckles Body -  Newone
Ears Plugs & lobes slider – Littlecat
Eyebrows –  Mamy Rocker
Scar – Pixel Things
Lipstick – Tamo
Blush – Tifa or  Kitty Klan (Silk Sheen)
Eyebags – Tifa
Tattoos – Simply Kitsch
Leg hair – TummyZa


If there is any problem with the file or I miss some CC or creator, let me know!


  1. oh! how handsome! most beautiful of all sims I've seen! I love brunettes! :P

  2. He's very sexy. I love the third pic. Gorgeous.

  3. By the way, lipstick looks like this. I think he is the author. please сheck :) ))maybe I'm wrong ..)

    1. You are my savior!!Yeap that's the lipstick! Thanks Thanks dear friend!

  4. He is very handsome Nextor...

  5. WOW!! He is mine now!!! :)

  6. What a hottie! I superlke! :) And Lia is pretty too.. Is she up for grab as well?